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  • Video ThumbnailAll Features : Show all videos

    A quick walkthrough demo of how you can use videos in every stage of your sales funnel

  • Video Thumbnail1:1 Prospecting from Hippo Video

    Learn more about how you can easily create and send 1:1 prospecting videos from Hippo Video

  • Video Thumbnail1:1 Prospecting from Gmail

    A short video on how you can create prospecting videos right inside your Gmail account and send it to your prospects

  • Video ThumbnailSales Campaigns from Hippo Video

    Know how you can create a video sales campaign in a few seconds with Hippo Video.

  • Video ThumbnailSales Campaigns from Gmail

    Here is how you can quickly create sales video email campaigns right from your Gmail account

  • Video ThumbnailPersonalized Sales Page

    Learn how to create a personalized sales page and deliver a personalized experience to your prospects.

  • Video ThumbnailVideo Analytics and Tracking

    This is how you can easily track and gain insights to all your videos and understand prospect behavior.

  • Video ThumbnailHubSpot demo video

    Here is how you can easily add personalized videos to your HubSpot emails and sequences and share them with your prospects.

  • Video ThumbnailSend a personalized campaign

    Create and send a personalized video email campaign to your prospects in a jiffy with Hippo Video.

  • Video ThumbnailSend a 1:1 prospecting Video

    Here is quick video on how you can easily create and send 1:! Prospecting videos inside your HubSpot account.

  • Video ThumbnailCreating a screen record video

    Learn more about how you can easily create a screen recording video inside HubSpot and send it to your prospects.

  • Video ThumbnailChrome extension for HubSpot

    This is how you can quickly add The Hippo Video chrome extension for the HubSpot integration.

  • Video ThumbnailAdd lead-gen forms to videos

    Add lead-gen forms to your videos to generate more leads and add them to your sales funnel. Here is how

  • Video ThumbnailSalesforce Integration video

    This is how you can easily integrate Hippo Video with Salesforce and see how you can wow your prospects with videos.

  • Video ThumbnailShare customer testimonials as a sales page

    Here is a tutorial on how to you can create a sales page and add multiple customer testimonials and share them with prospects.

  • Video ThumbnailSend Product Explainer from Salesforce

    Easily create and send product explainer videos right inside your Salesforce account with Hippo Video

  • Video ThumbnailSend a contract walkthrough video

    Learn more about how you can record a contract walkthrough video and send it to your prospects.

  • Video ThumbnailProspecting Video

    Create and send a 1:1 prospecting video to your prospect to grab their attention. Here is how you can do from your Salesforce account.

  • Video ThumbnailOutreach demo video

    Watch a short video on how you can create and send videos right inside your Outreach inbox.

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